Fun Canada Trivia!

Fun Canada Trivia!

Fun Canada Trivia


Ontario Quiz

  1. How many people live in Ontario?
    • [a] 3 million   [b] 5.7 million   [c] 10.4 million   [d] 13.6 million
  2. What is the southern-most point in Canada?
    • [a] Windsor   [b] Pelee Island   [c] Turkey Point   [d] Niagara Falls
  3. What is the largest fresh water island in the world?
    • [a] Manitoulin Island   [b] Centre Island   [c] Tobin Island   [d] Grand Island
  4. How many lakes are there in Ontario
    • [a] 150,000   [b] 250,000   [c] 300,000   [d] 420,000

Ontario Answers

1[d], 2[b],  3[a], 4[b]

Manitoba Quiz

How many kms of paved roads are there in Manitoba?

  • [a] 25,000   [b] 34,200   [c] 56,100   [d] 19,300

Who is considered to be the Father of Manitoba?

  • [a] Tommy Douglas   [b] Louis Riel   [c] Sir John A MacDonald   [d] Marshall McLuhan

Which of the following people were born in Manitoba?

  • [a] Carol Shields   [b] Neil Young   [c] William Stephenson   [d] Randy Bachman

Where is the largest Icelandic Settlement outside of Iceland?

  • [a] Winnipeg   [b] Gimli   [c] Churchill   [d] Winkler

Manitoba Quiz Answers

1[d], 2[b], 3[All], 4[b]



Saskatchewan quiz

How many kilometres of paved roads are there in Saskatchewan?

  • [a] 31,400   [b] 29,500   [c] 25,000   [d] 34,400

How many lakes are there in Saskatchewan?

  • [a] 4130   [b] 6175   [c] 15,700   [d] 100,000

What is the approximate population of Saskatchewan?

  • [a] 1,100,000   [b] 1,600,000   [c] 1,900,000   [d] 2,300,000

What is the capital city of Saskatchewan?

  • [a] Saskatoon   [b] Lloydminster   [c] Swift Current   [d] Regina

Saskatchewan quiz answers:

1[b], 2[d], 3[a], 4[d]


Alberta Quiz

  1. How many kilometers of paved roads are there in Alberta?
    • a. 42,543 b. 55,800 c. 61,700 d. 72,100
  2. How many people live in Alberta
    • a. 5 million  b. 4 million  c. 4.5 million d. 5.1 million
  3. What year did Alberta become a Canadian Province?
    • a. 1867  b. 1876  c. 1896   d. 1905
  4. What park is the largest in the Rocky Mountains?
    • a. Jasper b. Yoho  c. Banff  d. Kootenay


Alberta Quiz Answers

1[c], 2[b], 3[d], 4[a]

British Columbia Quiz

  1. British Columbia makes up what percentage of Canada’ land mass?
    • a. 7% b. 10%  c. 15% d. 20%
  2. What percentage of Canada’s Black Bears live in B.C. ?
    • a. 5% b. 10% c. 20% d. 25%
  3. How many Kms of Trans Canada Highway are in British Columbia?
    • a. 564km b. 642km c. 961 d. 1232km
  4. What is the wettest community in Canada?
    • a. Vancouver  b. Victoria c. Ocean Falls d. Prince Rupert

British Columbia Quiz Answers:

1 [b], 2 [d], 3[c], 4[c]​

Yukon Quiz


1.  What community is pictured above?

[a] Edmonton  [b] Dawson City  [c] Toronto  [d] Whitehorse

2.  What is Canada’s highest mountain and where is it located?

[a] Mount Rushmore  [b] Mount Logan  [c] Mount Robson  [d] Mount Royal

3.  What is the distance of the paved roads in the Yukon?

[a] 4,000 km  [b] 2,200 km  [c] 900 kms  [d] 6,500 kms

4.  What is the population of Yukon?

[a] 2500  [b] 10,000  [c] 40,000  [d] 60,000

5.  What is the phenomenon in this picture called?


[a] Green rainbow  [b] Arctic Char  [c] Aurora Borealis  [d] Northern Lights

Did you know that Yukon has the smallest desert in the world at 1 square mile?


Did you know the Dempster Highway is really a 671 km gravel road linking Dawson City Yukon with Inuvik NWT?  The gravel ranges from about 4 feet to almost 8 feet in depth to prevent the permafrost below from thawing. Since it is not paved, the Bike Challenge will not be riding this route.

Yukon Quiz Answers:

1[d], 2[b], 3[b], 4[c], 5[c] & [d] are both right