How It Works

How It Works

The Halton Hills Bike Challenge is a fun and easy way to motivate our entire community to enjoy cycling more often. The people who join the challenge the healthier and more active our community will be.

This is the fifth year of the very popular Halton Hills Community Bike Challenge and a special year for Canada. With that in mind we have set our community goal at 416,000 kilometres  – the total length of all the paved roads in Canada!

What better way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday than to virtually visit every province and territory? This is a might big goal but one that we are up for.  After all, last year we cycled 400,000kms or the distance from the Moon to the Earth with a victory lap around Canada.

Our participants do not pay a fee or do any fundraising.  As we achieve major milestones, pledged donations will flow from our sponsors to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation.  When we finally finish our trek from Whitehorse to Victoria to St. John’s our sponsors will donate $45,000 to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation. This is a significant contribution to local healthcare in our community. You never know when you may need the hospital.

The Bike Challenge also allows you to set and track a personal goal making it a great way to inspire your own riding! Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Sign up and create a profile. You can sign up as an individual or register your entire family on one account. If you choose to sign up as a family all of your family members’ kilometres will be aggregated. If two or more members of the same family wish to have separate accounts they must each have a distinct email address.  Sign-up now!

Step 2

Get out, go for a ride and keep track of your kilometres. There are many ways to know how far you have cycled:

  • Bike odometer (visit our bike partners to learn more about them)
  • Download a free smartphone app like Strava which tracks your riding via GPS
  • Trace your route on a free bike mapping service like MapMyRide or RidewithGPS
  • Guestimate your distance – the Bike Challenge works on the honour system

Step 3

Log-in and record your ride. You will see the community total updated in real time. Add your kilometres after every ride or save and log them whenever you like. Only you can see your personal progress. You may add all of the kilometres you have ridden in the current year. You can ride your bike anywhere, not just in Halton Hills.

Step 4

Recruit, recruit, recruit.  Please invite your friends, neighbours and family to sign-up too. This is a very important part of our success as we need thousands of participants to succeed on our virtual tour of Canada.  Anyone can participate. The rules are: you must live in Halton Hills, work in Halton Hills or love Halton Hills.

Step 5

Feel proud of your community for taking on such an ambitious challenge. And feel proud of your contribution in raising an amazing $45,000 for the Georgetown Hospital Foundation.

As we pass through Halton Hills and hit the 200,000 km midpoint of our cross Canada tour $10,000 in pledges from our generous sponsors will be made to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation.

  • Canadian Tire $5000
  • Generations Physiotherapy $1,500
  • Young Dentistry $1,000
  • CPI $1,000
  • Betty D’Oliveira $500
  • HealthSpan Wellness $500
  • Dynamic Bodies $500


Georgetown Canadian Tire – $5,000



Generations Physiotherapy – $1,500



Young Dentistry – $1,000

CPI_logoCPI – $1,000


Betty D’Oliveira, Realtor – $500



HealthSpan Wellness – $500



Dynamic Bodies – $500


When we arrive in St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador having racked up 416,000 km an additional $35,000 in pledges will be made to the Georgetown Hospital:

  • CN $25,000
  • Halton Epic Tour $5,000
  • Superior Glove $2,500
  • Giant Tiger $1,500
  • Georgetown Chevrolet Buick GMC $1,000



CN – $25,000


Epic Tour Logo for Challenge WebsiteHalton Epic Tour – $5,000


Superior Glove – $2,500




Giant Tiger – $1,500


Georgetown Chevrolet Buick GMC $1,000

A total of $45,000 will be donated to our local Hospital when we reach our goal of riding 416,000 kms.

And we will have virtually toured the entire country in celebration of Canada 150! Woo Hoo! No other community in Canada can say they have done that.